Printing of special security products on behalf of third parties
Printing of special security products on behalf of third parties

IETA - National Mint produces special security products on behalf of the Greek State as well as of third parties.

These products indicatively include the following: Tobacco tax stamps, Lottery tickets, Passports, Schengen visas and many more.

Tobacco tax stamps

Since 2016, IETA has undertaken the design and production of tobacco tax stamps, in accordance with the requirements and security features applicable in the European Union. 

These security features incorporated in tobacco tax stamps enable consumers to verify the authenticity of tobacco products and greatly facilitate  the work of law enforcement authorities in their fight against tobacco smuggling and other forms of illicit trade in tobacco products.  

Lottery tickets

State lottery tickets have been printed by IETA since 1970 and include the National Lottery (Ethniko), the Popular Lottery (Laiko) and the Special State Social Solidarity Lottery, now renamed State Lottery.  

IETA continues to design and print lottery tickets on behalf of Hellenic Lotteries S.A.,  drawing themes from Greek culture and tradition, important historical events, as well as Greek tourism.

With security features incorporated in their design and production process, lottery tickets are another special security product. 

The secure management procedures implemented by IETA in the printing of lottery tickets are an additional safeguard of security. 


Since 2005, IETA has undertaken the design and production of the new type of  Greek passports, which incorporate high-techsecurity features, including a built-in microchip as from 2006. Its security features, along with the capability of the production process to include additional security features in  every new passport series, make it one of the most secure passports in the world.  

Schengen visas

The Schengen Area is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual border.  

The Schengen visa, is a short-term visa that enables its holder to travel to most European countries for up to 90 days for tourism, health or business purposes.   

The Schengen visa sticker, which has been printed by IETA for years,  incorporates enhanced security features as specified by the European Commission, which ensure protection  against forgery.