The National Mint - IETA

The National Mint - IETA

An innovative factory of the Bank of Greece

One of the tasks of the Bank of Greece is the production of euro banknotes and other security products, as well as the production of euro coins, commemorative and collector coins and medals. 

The Banknote Printing Works of the Bank of Greece (IETA) - National Mint is a pioneering plant delivering products that meet the Eurosystem’s security specifications and, more generally, international security standards, thereby ensuring maximum protection against counterfeiting and forgery.  Furthermore, it offers minting  products under the annual numismatic programme (comprising collector and commemorative coins) or commissioned bythird parties, which are designed by the IETA artists and have won international acclaim for their aesthetic value. 

Apart from printing the Bank’s official stationery, reports and other publications, IETA also undertakes various printing tasks on behalf of the Greek State or third parties. 

This commissioned work mainly concerns security documents such as lottery tickets, passports, ID cards, visas and entry and residence permits, seamen’s certificates, etc., all of which incorporate security features as appropriate.

The National Mint is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and implements technologically advanced production methods on a par with  the other printing works and mints in Europe. Strict quality controls are conducted across all operations, in compliance with ECB Guidelines and international standards. 

The National Mint is staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals (engineers, technicians and artists).