Production of coins
Production of coins

The National Mint’s operations include the production of circulation euro coins, commemorative and collector coins, as well as medals.

How are the euro coins produced?

The design on the European side of euro coins has been approved by the competent authorities of the European Union (European Commission and European Central Bank) and is common for the coins of the same denomination that are issued by all countries participating in the euro area.

The design of the national side of euro coins has been selected by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Bank of Greece. The Ministry of Finance is the issuer of coins in Greece, as are the respective ministries in the other euro area countries. 

Euro coins of all denominations are struck by state-of-the-art minting presses of high precision and capacity.

As part of the pre-minting process the dies for the two sides of the coins need to be manufactured. This requires special tools of highprecision and sensitivity and qualified and experienced staff. The National Mint is privileged to have both.

At all stages of production, traceability procedures are implemented, according to the relevant quality plans, enabling to trace the path of the product along the chain? and identify any non-conforming products.

The production of circulation euro coins is completed with their packaging in accordance with European standards. This is done on a state-of-the-art robotic packaging line[with accurate control of the quantities packed].

Thanks to its high standards of quality and efficiency in the production of euro coins, the National Mint has earned an international reputation and has been awarded contracts for the production of coins for other countries.

Commemorative and collector coins

Another important activity of the National Mint is the production of commemorative and collector coins as part of the annual Numismatic Programme of the Ministry of Finance.

The minting of these products (gold, silver or of base metal) is a complex task that is very demanding in terms of precision and detail.


Apart from circulation coins and commemorative/collector coins, the National Mint also produces medals for various entities such as museums or the Hellenic Post. Medals in general do not have a denomination, and their technical features are very different from those of circulation coins.