World Money Fair
WMF 2024
Bank of Greece and the IETA - Greek Mint once again participate in the annual reunion of our numismatic family
Dispensation of 1,500 coins of cold collectible coin with a nominal value of €50, minted in 2023. The date of release is set to be from 17/10/2023, the price of each one is 96.77€ plus VAT (120.00€).


The fifth coin of the "ENVIRONMENT - ENDEMIC PLANTS OF GREECE" series

Looking for ways to bring the perfection of the online experience to the product itself,

and in celebration of 50 years of coin production at IETA, we have created this medal, which on the obverse bears the iconic facade of the Mint with the dates 1972-2022 and on the reverse a QR code, acting as a transition point from the physical world to cyberspace . If and when read from a mobile phone, the user will go from the medal in their hands to the rich history of the Mint, gaining access to all the coins that have been produced in these fifty years.

Hellenism, in its long history, has offered much to world culture. An important contribution is the use of currency in the form we know it today.

The monetary history begins with the ancient Greek cities, as it is rightly believed that they first established in their transactions the use of coins that had representations of symbolic content.

ΜΙΝΤ continues this tradition by producing coins that are small works of art and, at the same time, express timeless ideas and values, depicting themes inspired by the history and rich cultural heritage of our country.