Coins from all over American continent

The countries of the American continent, having historically close relationships with various European countries and peoples, often reveal this reality on their coins. The depiction of the Queen of England’s portrait on the coins of Canada – a country that is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations – is the most typical example of this practice. More generally, in many cases countries of the Americas choose to promote their history, employing symbols of the ideals that have defined it, or historical figures who contributed to their respective struggles for independence and self-government. The Statue of Liberty on USA coins is the best-known example of this type. At the same time, both the new global superpower and several other countries of the Americas choose as their emblem the eagle, an old and unmistakable symbol of power. The new lands – where Europeans have settled creating their own new world – equally find a place on the coins of both North and South American countries, through the depiction of indigenous Indian tribes that previously inhabited these grounds, the cultural heritage of these peoples (e.g. the Aztec calendar), as well as elements of the landscape or the native flora and fauna (such as the Niagara Falls, the buffalos, or the maple leaves – the long-lasting emblem of Canada). Finally, coins of the American continent also bear depictions of major athletic events as well as global celebrations, i.e. occasions that contribute to the promotion of international cooperation.