Numismatic Programme 2023

Numismatic Programme 2023

A dedication to the Greek Revolution and important Greek personalities of international renown

As will be the case every year in this decade, which marks several bicentenaries of dramatic events in the Greek Revolution, our numismatic programme for 2023 features:

  • a silver coin commemorating 200 years from the Battle of Karpenisi, a Greek victory that was soured by the death of Markos Botsaris, a great military leader; and
  • a silver coin dedicated to Karl Normann, the second in our Philhellenes series, celebrating German Philhellenism and its contribution to the cause of Greek independence and to Greek culture in general.

Our numismatic programme for 2023 also commemorates anniversaries of important Greek personalities of international renown:

  • 100 years from the birth of Maria Callas, the legendary soprano that revolutionised opera singing, with a gold and a commemorative €2 coin;
  • 150 years from the birth of Constantin Carathéodory, a mathematician highly esteemed by great scientists, such as Einstein and Max Planck, with a commemorative €2 coin; and
  • 20 years from the death of Antonis Samarakis, a human rights champion, UNICEF ambassador and award-winning writer.

Our numismatic programme for 2023 will, of course, also include products in our long-standing popular series, as well as new ones:

  • Artemis, goddess of hunting and wildlife (in our Olympian Gods series);
  • Euclid, founder of the Euclidean geometry so named in his honour (in our new series dedicated to Greek mathematicians);
  • the automatic maidservant of Philo, the first known functional robot, in the Ancient Greek technology series;
  • the enchanting city of Nafplio, first capital of Greece (in our Greek Tourism series);
  • the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis (in our Cultural Heritage series);
  • Fritilaria Davisii, a fascinating endemic wildflower of the Southern Peloponnese (in our Endemic flora of Greece series); and
  • 2023 – Eleusis European Capital of Culture, celebrating one of the most ancient cities in Europe and its efforts for urban regeneration.

Last but not least, a silver coin commemorates 50 years from the Athens Polytechnic student uprising, which precipitated the fall of the junta one year later.